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Garage door springs can easily develop several types of faults, due to the fact that they are under a lot of pressure throughout the years. As one of the top causes for door malfunctioning, door springs are vital and delicate components of the entire mechanism. Due to years of continuous usage, these parts can easily get corroded, worn out or even brake, posing issues that can also lead to injuries. In most of the cases, springs in need of replacement develop symptoms, such as: making loud noises, blocking the door from opening or closing, or making it move in an imbalanced way. These are just a few of the usual symptoms that need immediate attention to ensure that there are no security threats or chances of injury.

Garage Door Springs - DIY?

Garage Door Springs, Orlando, Fl

Even though numerous websites state that garage door spring repair or replacement simply needs a DIY approach, we highly suggest turning to a professional, who can more easily identify the underlying cause and find the best solution for the issue. As many scenarios include multiple parts being affected, it is recommended to have an expert solve the situation, who can provide you with full repair and replacement services. Members of our team have years of experience with various brands of garage door springs, providing you an all-around service for repair or full replacement. Regular maintenance checks are also important, to make sure that your springs are in the right condition, enabling your door to function properly and risk-free.

Other Common Issues

As mentioned earlier, there are several issues that can develop throughout the years, as corrosion and wear are the number one issues with garage door springs. However, there are numerous other cases, when improper installation, wrongly adjusted springs or multiple faulty parts can cause issues. Therefore, for a proper solution, rely on our professional assistance, both to avoid any future major issues by taking preventive steps, and both in cases where you are unsure about the underlying cause. Our team is also prepared to assist you in emergency situations, where finding and delivering the proper solution in time, is key.

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Whether you would like to make sure that your springs are in proper condition, or if you are looking for full replacement, we’ve got your covered! As our professional technicians are prepared for all scenarios, we will provide you with the professional and swift service that will solve your issue. Regarding all types of garage door spring related problems, we are the team for the job!

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