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In many cases, your door sensor may not function because it has become misaligned. Check the alignment carefully and if that’s not the problem, make sure the unit is receiving the proper voltage and that your remote control has fresh batteries. If you find that you're still experiencing the same problem, contact our experts and they should be able to find the right solution.
Make sure that all remote controls units are kept out of their reach. If you have a wall-mounted remote installed at a level too close to your child's height, our Garage Door Repair Orlando technicians can move and reinstall it at a higher spot. You'll also want to educate your children on keeping a safe distance from the garage door during its operation.
Aluminum garage doors are lightweight so they put less pressure on the torsion springs. They can also be painted for improved appearance, are usually rust resistant, recyclable, and cheaper than other door types. However, they tend to easily dent, which may not be a sound option if you live in an area with rough weather conditions, or if you are using your garage for some sort of physical activity, such as weight lifting or various other home-gym practices.

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