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Whatever problem you might have with your garage door - we can fix it! You can count on us to handle every possible issue with great care and skill. Keep reading to learn more about some of the many different ways we can help you.

When a Spring Breaks

Broken springs are the most common reason behind malfunctioning doors. You can keep them rust free and flexible by having our professionals apply the proper lubrication and adjust their tension from time to time, but these components will still reach the end of their life cycle eventually. And when they do, the only safe course of action is to have them replaced. These components are under tremendous amounts of tension and should never be handled without professional training as they can cause damage and injury. Our technicians have both the proper tools and the experience to perform the replacement, the safety checks and any required fine tuning.

Should You Repair or Replace a Door Opener?

If you wish to keep up with advances in technology (meaning safety, security and efficiency improvements) you might want to think about replacing your opener. Some of the red flags warning you that replacement is drawing near are: a slow-moving door, loud noises and a vibrating opener. If you haven’t had this unit for long, try having it repaired - sometimes all that’s necessary is a little fine adjustment. Whatever the problem, our technicians will help you decipher what your opener is trying to tell you and then quickly fix the issue.

Replacing Doors and Panels

Not only do those scratches, rusty patches and dents in your garage door look unsightly, but they can also become a safety issue if left unchecked. Although it may be possible to replace only the damaged panel, you must keep in mind that matching the precise color might be too costly. We have a variety of new door systems to choose from, so you might consider simply getting a better insulated door to replace the old damaged one with. Call our Garage Door Repair Orlando team today, and let us find the best solution for you.

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