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The Best Technological Garage Door Features

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The Best Technological Garage Door Features

Best Garage Door Features | Garage Door Repair Orlando, FL

Garage doors have already made our lives so much easier by dutifully opening and closing with a simple touch of a button, so what more could we possibly want from them? Well, beyond your stock standard openers, springs and safety sensors, there are quite a few impressive and innovative little attachments that can add all kinds of neat functions to your garage.

Laser-Guided Parking Systems

Too many people have had to call our repair services on numerous occasions because the dimensions of their vehicle made it difficult for them to back up while trying to park in their garage. They often ended up damaging their door in the process and had to replace a panel or two. Luckily for them (and possibly for you), homeowners can now get laser-guidance devices fitted to their garage. These can help ensure such expensive accidents never happen again.

Portable Control and Display Panels

Do you ever leave your visitors waiting outside for ages because you weren’t near your garage door and you didn’t know they were there? Well, now you can avoid this scenario with portable display panels. These panels can rest comfortably on a table or be mounted to the wall. Just like a tablet device, they can be taken with you all around your house. You can even get more than one and leave them around in strategically convenient places in your home.

The Iris Z-Wave door controller

Are you sick and tired of the horrible inconvenience of reaching all the way over to the dashboard to pick up your remote, and then having to actually touch that ghastly button? Probably not. But if you are, you’ll be happy to know that your door can be even more automated than it currently is. The Iris Z-Wave door controller will get your door working as soon as you drive up to the entrance. Now you can spend your energy on something important, like listening to the rest of that Queen song before getting out of your car.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

A practical way of replacing remotes is to get one of the many different ones out there that come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. These devices use secure encryption to pair with your smartphone or tablet, essentially turning it into a small control panel for your garage. Some even come with surveillance capabilities so that you can watch or listen in from anywhere in your house, your neighborhood, or the entire modern world.


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